Why KPI Direct?

We Are Trusted Guardians and Managers of Your D2C Investments

At KPI Direct, we look at time and capital investments in performance marketing programs from our clients’ perspective.

As an independent consultancy and marketing service provider, we are guardians and managers of our clients’ investments… and so our definition of success reflects that of our clients. We want what they want, which is robust and predictable marketing performance, with top-line growth and bottom line accountability.

We provide advice, counsel, and experienced capacity ‘on-demand’ to marketers during every phase of their d2c campaign’s life-cycle. Our clients get the combined benefit of our experienced people, proven process and advanced technology to help make smarter performance marketing decisions and get better business results.

We Pay for Ourselves.

We Sit On Your Side of the Table In a Performance-Based Partnership.

Things change when agency compensation is based on performance. As performance partners, sitting on “your side of the table,” KPI service teams stay on high alert. Operations get focused. Tactics get razor sharp. Marketing investments become “smart money.” because we get paid when you get paid, we’re an extension of your team, operating from your pov.

We vet, select and connect you with the best in class service providers – based on your special needs, service costs and expectations. KPI helps negotiate low fees with vendors without any referral fees: then the best thing a vendor can do for kPI is get our clients the best rates.

Our model optimizes your performance and maximizes profitability because we meticulously manage your entire vendor Eco-system.

Listening Sells

We get to know your customers better than you do. We have a dedicated team that listens to your customer sales and service calls. Every day.

It’s amazing what your customers reveal when you’re really listening, like we do in our daily monitored customer sales and service calls. Or in our review of customer service emails, credit card charge-back inquiries, requests for product information, social media discussions, and eCommerce storefront ratings. In both English and Spanish. We hear who they are. What they think, their questions, and their objections. And what they want from your brand and product. This information transcends kpi data. It reflects emotionalized conversational information affecting strategy, creative, messaging and both telemarketing and online sales tactics. This customer intelligence delivers remarkable insights that our customer experience team and operational experts integrate into your D2C campaign each and every day – which incrementally enhances performance. It’s a key distinction of the KPI Direct methodology. It’s why we say “listening sells.” By helping our clients rapidly grow, kpi is honored as one of america’s fastest growing companies three years in a row.

Our Growth is Directly Related to Our Clients’ Success.

We rise to the challenge by being innovative and aligning our interests with our clients. It’s our performance partner approach that has landed kpi on the inc. 5000 fastest growing company list for the past three years.

KPI Direct delivers impeccable service with tender loving care: Give us a ring you’ll find our service impeccable.

That’s because we genuinely love what we do. As trusted advisors, your KPI Direct team helps you amp-up sales, get closer to your customers, analyze sophisticated real-time reporting and make smart decisions faster.

Choose KPI to orchestrate your d2c success. Give us a ring today and let’s talk direct. Call 866.587.2176, or fill out the form below and send us an email.

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