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Customized Analytic Software, Consolidated Reporting and Enterprise Level Systems Experience Are KPI’s High-Performance “Tools of The Trade”

Technology and big data drive successful D2C businesses. Our seasoned D2C experts rely on KPI’s business intelligence tool to optimize media investments each and every day. Armed with this tool and by leveraging our hands on, “super user” expertise with other key enabling technology platforms,  we’re able to consume and make sense of large volumes of disparate information, from multiple sources, quickly.

KPI Insight Engine™

KPI’s Insight Engine™

Consolidated Performance Data, Actionable Reporting, Smarter Decision Making

The KPI Insight Engine™ is a robust data visualization and business intelligence tool that aggregates, organizes and relates together data from media, call centers, websites and order management platforms. The consolidated view of these various silo-based data sets leads to greater insight of how to improve your multi-channel campaign performance.

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KPI Dashboards Visually Organize Integrated
Performance Data for Making Smarter Decisions

Media Dashboards

Media management reports & visualizations that show granular, station level details to isolate “top and bottom performers”, rolled up and trend level performance of any relevant metric over time by agency or across agencies and across channels.
Telemarketing dashboards call center optimization reports & visualizations that show call handling, conversion, AOV, cross sell rate, payment plan take rates, agent performance and call dis-positioning. For a week, for a day, over time, for one call center or across multiple.

Breakeven Dashboards

Historic performance and trending relative to breakeven MER and CPO.

Retail dashboards

Store and SKU level retail sales data.

Mobile app

View performance data on your iPhone or iPad. Take your data on the road.

We Use Our Business Intelligence Platform to Create an Integrated View
of Multi-Channel Marketing Efforts that Lead to Better Decisions on How to Optimize Your Campaign Performance.

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KPI Helps Small Companies Act Big, and Big Companies Act Nimble, Leveraging Best-in-Class Order Management Technology

KPI Direct’s operating philosophy is to leverage PCI compliant, best of breed order management technology.

Order management technology

Successful implementations of order management technology can integrate the entire DR transaction chain for real time tracking, measurement and analysis of all consumer sales and post sale activity.

This includes:

  • e-Commerce Websites
  • Fulfillment Warehouses
  • Call Centers
  • Customer Service Centers
  • Payment Processors
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