KPI Provides a Comprehensive Suite of Consulting and Management Services Designed for High-Performance D2C Marketing

We plan, build and operate high performance, multi-channel marketing programs for D2C advertisers. We serve as independent, trusted advisors and provide a suite of consulting and marketing management services. We optimize media, boost sales, drive profitability and help build brands along the way.

We measure advertising effectiveness: we measure ROAS, and advise our clients what to do more of and less of. Then we implement our recommendations based on our team’s collective experience and supported by data analytics.

We maximize media investments and boost sales: we shift media dollars to the highest performing venues that deliver the most engaging ad message and offer combinations. All while driving sales growth and earning the highest yields allowable.

We provide an intelligent fabric of strategy, management process, and operational oversight: we align media agencies, ecommerce providers, call centers, fulfillment and customer service vendors – the entire vendor ecosystem – with our clients’ business objectives.

We act as a seamless extension of our client’s executive, marketing, financial and operations management teams.

We are compensated on a performance basis: our clients enjoy the variable nature of our fees, and the alignment of our interests with the business objectives. Our compensation is linked to achieving maximum sales with maximum profitability, vs. other silo based, and unbalanced approaches.

Vendor Management

KPI Manages Vendor Performances with
a “Balanced Scorecard” Approach

We subscribe to the “balanced scorecard” approach to performance management, where all vendor activity is coordinated and directed toward the client’s desired outcomes.

Vendor performance scorecards – a collection of metrics and agreed upon targets – provide a commonly understood way to look at and report on the “right” measures.

From multi-channel strategy to experienced media & sales optimization to the disciplined execution of marketing operations, we manage every detail – and every vendor – to gain the best results.

KPI’s Suite of D2C Consulting Services & Marketing Management Services

Consulting Services

KPI Insight Lab: our performance audit process… discovery, gap analysis and recommendations…
campaign wide or narrowly focused.

  • eCommerce performance – for webstores and sales-focused landing pages
  • Media performance – traditional and online, social
  • Telemarketing performance – live agent, IVR, customer care
  • Vendor performance – discovery, benchmark, gap analysis, recommendations

D2C Marketing Strategy Development: visioning, planning and blue printing

Customer Experience & Touchpoint Analysis: discovery, analysis and recommendations

Pro Forma Financial & Break Even Model Development:

  • Break even modeling that allows for sensitivity analysis
  • Integrated cash flow, P&L, sales & unit forecasting

Competitive Research and Analysis: discovery of competitors’ marketing activity in the segment

Business Case Development: qualitative and quantitative review of marketing strategies, vetting and due diligence review of new product concepts and related business model, viability and scalability assessments for product launches and line extensions

Vendor Evaluation and Selection: with over 40 best in class, vetted vendor-partners – with vendor eco system management

Marketing Capital Recruitment: through strategic partnering and investment opportunities

Marketing Management Services

Integrated Media Management: short form and long form DRTV, online, print and radio

Digital & Social Media Management: strategy, execution, optimization for paid media (i.e. PPC, display, video, social, comparison shopping engines)

Creative & Production Management: project management for all ad creative, all media channels

Telemarketing & Fulfillment Management: call center and service center control, fulfillment and backend executions

  • Live agent sales force effectiveness — training, QA, calibration and coaching, script writing
  • IVR program design, implementation and management
  • Customer service live agent training, QA, calibration and coaching, script writing
  • IVR to order management software integrations and “my account” online set up/integration with order management system to allow “self-serve”

Retention & Remarketing Management

  • Retention & remarketing curriculum development
  • “Save the customer” program design & optimization
  • Telesales call center non buyer recovery program design & optimization
  • Shopping cart abandonment outbound program design & optimization
  • Post sale, customer service upsell program design & optimization
  • Customer loyalty, surprise & delight program design & optimization
  • Continuity program design & optimization
  • Customer win-back program design & optimization

Marketing Operations Management

  • Order flow management– tracking, assurance, reconciliation, exception management
  • Enabling technology management – evaluation, selection, provisioning, and ongoing management of:
    > Order management (OM) / customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, whether 3rd party hosted or SaaS/Cloud based
    > Call routing platforms
KickStart Program: our turnkey solution to help marketers bring their product or service idea direct to the masses.
We plan, build and then operate multi-channel D2C marketing programs that generate valuable leads and profitable customer relationships. Ideal for marketers looking to ‘operate lean’, benefit from a flexible & scalable infrastructure, and realize a variable cost model. Contact us to learn more.ProfitMax Program: a partnering solution designed for marketers who want expert capacity “on demand”. We will assume all or partial responsibility for growing & scaling our clients’ active marketing campaigns.We create an accountable relationship with our clients for their day to day, performance marketing and marketing operations’ needs while allowing them to focus on what they do best. This program can be broad or narrow in scope, and is ideal for marketers who want to expand sales and boost efficiencies while enjoying the benefits of a pay for performance partnership. Contact us to learn more.International Launchpad Program: similar to our KickStart program, Launchpad is for marketers outside the U.S. looking for a turnkey solution to ‘going direct’, we provide the expertise and infrastructure that allows our clients to get to market quickly with relatively low upfront capital and commitment. Contact us to learn more.
Agency Services:we provide contract services to advertising agencies, direct marketing agencies, and independent marketing consultants. Contact us to learn more.

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