Our Process Orientation Helps Marketers Grow
with Predictability, Scalability and Efficiency

Process matters. We know what successful businesses know: that thoughtful process design and disciplined process execution are keys to effective d2c management, scalability and repeatability.

At KPI we have a process orientation. Our people think about systematizing the activities that lead to discovery, insight and continuous improvement. Our processes help small companies act bigger without the heft, and help big companies move more nimbly without sacrificing their brand standards.

At KPI we look at “process” as an intelligent fabric connecting today’s D2C marketers with both best practices and best in class vendors. We think that process organizes and guides the “right” work activity, by the right people, in the right order, at the right time. Our clients look to KPI for our experience with the specific processes that will help them get the most from their internal resources, third party vendors, enabling technologies and an overarching, performance marketing strategy.

Our System of Processes Drives Marketing Performance

We Leverage Process to Create Alignment of Interest with Client Outcomes

Whether we are responsible for managing all the functional areas of your multi-channel marketing business, or we simply focus on certain areas, KPI will design a framework to ensure alignment of interests for all who contribute – stakeholders to KPI team members to current and future vendor partners.

Driving Top Line Growth

Key functional areas that drive media performance, customer acquisition and top line sales growth:

Traditional Media Management
We’ll conduct in-depth analyses and provide expert, independent oversight
of your campaign’s performance across DRTV, print, and radio, helping determine how best to allocate your media dollars and deliver the highest media efficiency.

Telemarketing Management
Starting with a standardized view of call definitions and key performance metrics – whether you use IVR, live agents or both – we’ll then make sure and get the most out of every call. Our team of Customer Experience analysts will monitor buyer and non-buyer behavior, and provide both onsite sales training and remote calibration sessions to boost live agent performance.

Website and Digital Media Management
To accurately allocate online sales, it is important to identify sales drivers. For example, how is your TV or radio media spend affecting search? Our process is used to quantify and differentiate the sources of leads that make it to a website, and then make decisions about media spend that will drive the most qualified leads with the highest propensity to convert.

Boosting Bottom Line Efficiency

Key functional areas that ensure smooth operations, reduce variable costs, and boost contribution margins:

Revenue Assurance & Profitability Management
We’ll implement a governance model that uses both procedural and systematic “check points” for the 24/7/365 flow of media, sales, order & payment information across the vendor ecosystem. Ultimately, this results in faster error detection/correction, more reliable reporting, and wiser decision making. We’ll also analyze and continuously scan your campaign’s variable cost structure, break-even and other target metrics, so that we can reconcile vendor reports & invoices with campaign performance, and then make fact-based adjustments to the operating model to better align with your profitability targets.

Retention & Remarketing Management
We’ll craft, implement and manage strategies to increase customer repeat purchase behavior on hero products via continuity, outbound marketing and “win back” programs; reduce defection, return and cancellation rates with “save the customer” programs; and create incremental sales opportunitites from existing customers with innovative, promotional offers intended to “surprise & delight” and increase advocacy for your brand.

Fulfillment Management
We’ll help make sure you have a seamless and thoughtful, end to end product fulfillment process – starting from the moment your customer places an order and culminating with that “out of the box” experience, product in hand. Our team of operational experts will ensure you work with the “right” pick/pack 3PL provider(s), provision & manage an order management system, monitor & reconcile the flow of order data from call centers and shopping cart platforms to/from the 3PL vendor, coordinate with your supply chain and financial managers to provide unit forecasting so that fulfillment capacity and inventory levels match consumer demand, facilitate returns handling and refurbish/replenish programs,and ensure complete transparency of the end to end product fulfillment process.

Creating Alignment of Interest for These Six Functional Areas is the Key
to Scalable and Repeatable D2C Marketing Success

Managing Top Line Growth and Bottom Line Efficiency

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