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KPI Direct is one of a kind. We are pay-for performance partners dedicated to crafting your D2C marketing plan, designing strategies, optimizing media, driving sales, reducing costs and risks, analyzing results and dramatically accelerating your brand’s growth.

In 2006, I created KPI Direct to bring more power and control to the marketer. I found that companies increasingly want to get closer to their customers and shift more of their advertising dollars toward accountable methods.  To date, our consulting and managed services firm has been leveraged by a range of companies – from private equity backed inventors and serial entrepreneurs, to pharmaceutical/CPG companies and publicly traded multi-national corporations.

The key to our longevity and success is simple.  We are committed to helping clients build marketing programs that work, and avoid the proverbial potholes in the road to their success.

If you would like to talk performance for your brand, I invite you to contact me and learn more about how we can perform for you.

Scott Badger,
Founder & CEO

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